14 Best Anime Streaming Sites like Zoro.to


Are you a diehard anime fan tired of searching for the best streaming service? Look no further! This post will discuss great alternatives to Zoro.to, the anime hub.

Whether you like sweet stories or action-packed shonen, these streaming sites have it all. Enter a world of captivating animations, intriguing storylines, and enduring characters. Come on this thrilling tour of the best Zoro.to alternatives!

14 Zoro.to Alternatives for Anime Streaming

Zoro.to is a popular website with tons of free anime and manga. However, there are several platforms worth considering as alternatives to this site.

1. Crunchyroll


Anime fans worldwide use Crunchyroll.com to stream shows. It has a vast selection of anime series and movies, from old to modern. Crunchyroll’s commitment to stream Japanese material hours after it airs on Japanese television makes it unique.

Crunchyroll’s industry support is one of its biggest draws. They legally stream your favorite shows while paying creators and publishers by collaborating with anime studios and licensed businesses. This site supports the business and lets viewers watch high-quality content without piracy.

Crunchyroll offers fans an interactive environment and an extensive collection. Users can join forums, participate in debates, write reviews, or make fan videos. This network brings excitement and connection to anime fans worldwide.


  • Enjoy rich graphics and sound to fully appreciate your favorite shows’ breathtaking animation and exquisite details.
  • com lets you fully immerse yourself in the engaging tales and characters without interruptions.
  • Enjoy infinite entertainment with a wide range of anime and manga series to suit everyone’s tastes.


  1. Crunchyroll.com has an extensive library of anime and Asian dramas.
  2. Users can see popular anime series’ latest episodes shortly after their Japanese release.
  3. Crunchyroll.com lets fans debate their favorite episodes via forums, comments, and user-generated content.
  4. The site includes subtitles in different languages for worldwide viewers who don’t speak the original language.
  5. Crunchyroll.com is available on smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and smart TVs.


  1. Crunchyroll.com specializes in anime and Asian dramas; therefore, its range of other genres may be limited compared to other streaming platforms.
  2. Crunchyroll.com’s free edition has ads that may interrupt viewing.
  3. Regional licensing agreements may restrict access to some shows for certain nations or regions.

2. YugenAnime


YugenAnime.com is a fresh and fascinating anime streaming network that rivals Zoro.to. This website has an extensive library of the latest and greatest anime series and enables high-quality streaming without advertisements or pop-ups. YugenAnime.com’s colossal library, from mainstream to obscure, makes it a heaven for anime fans eager to discover new shows.

YugenAnime.com gives users an ad-free experience, unlike other platforms. YugenAnime.com prioritizes uninterrupted viewing over ads, like many streaming services. The site’s fast streaming speeds and stable servers provide minimum buffering and smooth playback even during busy hours. This site lets you fully enjoy your favorite anime episodes without interruptions.

In addition to these excellent services, YugenAnime.com values user engagement. Join forums to discuss shows and uncover undervalued gems recommended by other fans. This platform shows it appreciates customer satisfaction with regular updates and enhancements based on user feedback. Look no further for a dependable Zoro.to an alternative that lets you watch a wide choice of anime programs ad-free.


  • Users may keep up with the latest anime releases and trends with regular library updates.
  • Access to many anime series and movies, letting consumers try new genres and find new favorites.
  • Viewing anime offline lets fans enjoy their favorite series online.


  1. YugenAnime.com offers anime fans a variety of series and movies.
  2. User-friendly navigation makes finding titles on the website more accessible.
  3. YugenAnime.com offers high-quality streaming for a pleasant viewing experience.
  4. Users can stay up with the latest anime material with regular updates.
  5. YugenAnime.com lets users build watchlists and track their series progress.


  1. Some users may experience buffering or variable streaming quality on the website.
  2. Advertisements on YugenAnime.com can be invasive and impair the user experience.
  3. The website has a solid content selection; however, some popular or specialist titles may be absent.
  4. YugenAnime.com may have faulty links or outdated episodes, making it difficult to watch some anime.
  5. The site requires registration or log in to access its full functionality, which may be problematic for those who prefer rapid access without entering personal information.

3. 9anime


Popular anime streaming website 9anime.com offers a vast range of content. It is a popular platform for anime fans worldwide due to its extensive library and user-friendly UI. 9anime.com’s large selection of subtitled and dubbed versions for many languages is a highlight. This site lets people from diverse regions see their favorite shows without linguistic hurdles.

In addition to its vast anime collection, 9anime.com offers high-quality video playback. The service provides many video resolutions so viewers can watch their favorite shows and movies. Additionally, 9anime.com offers a smooth streaming experience with little advertising and loading periods, improving viewer pleasure.

Due to its extensive content library and user-friendly UI, 9anime.com is a great Zoro.to an alternative. The platform delivers smooth streaming, several languages, and high-quality video. Visit 9anime.com for your next binge-watching session, whether you’re new to anime or a seasoned fan looking for new episodes.


  • High-quality streaming gives anime fans a visual experience.
  • A personal watchlist lets users track their favorite anime and restart watching from where they left off.
  • Without ads or interruptions, anime streaming is smooth.


  1. 9anime.com has various anime titles to pick from.
  2. The website updates with new episodes and releases so viewers can keep up with their favorite series.
  3. The site’s clean and intuitive interface makes navigating and finding anime easy.
  4. 9anime.com lets customers choose the optimum streaming quality for their internet connection.
  5. The website offers free content, saving customers money on memberships or rentals.


  1. 9anime.com offers free access but displays invasive ads while watching anime.
  2. The website’s material may violate copyright laws, putting the site and its users at risk.
  3. 9anime.com is an unofficial streaming platform without anime creator or production company sponsorship.
  4. The occasional server issues.

4. AnimeHeaven


The renowned online streaming portal AnimeHeaven has many series and movies to binge-watch. Due to its user-friendly interface, high-quality streaming, and a large library of new and vintage titles, it has a large following. After AnimeHeaven closed, fans are exploring alternatives.

AnimeHeaven has an excellent anime variety. Easy navigation and smooth streaming distinguish Zoro.to from other sites. Its beautiful interface lets visitors easily browse genres or find their favorite shows. Zoro.to offers numerous servers for each episode, reducing buffering and assuring uninterrupted pleasure.

AnimeHeaven offers thousands of subtitled and dubbed anime titles for a subscription (with free ad-supported viewing). This legal streaming site licenses anime from Japanese producers, supporting the industry. It keeps anime fans up-to-date with regular updates, simulcast episodes, and exclusive content released soon after broadcast in Japan.

In conclusion, AnimeHeaven will be missed by many fans worldwide, but new anime websites like Zoro.to and Crunchyroll offer attractive alternatives where we can watch our favorite anime shows without interruptions.


  • User-friendly interface makes it easy for even the least tech-savvy to find anime to watch.
  • Content is updated often so customers can watch new episodes and movies immediately.
  • Forums and chat rooms allow anime fans to network, discuss, and share their passion for anime.


  1. Users can choose from many anime series and movies on AnimeHeaven.com.
  2. The website is easy to use, making it easy to find anime.
  3. AnimeHeaven.com lets consumers stream anime for free, saving them money on subscriptions and DVDs.
  4. This website often dubs popular anime shows in English for viewers who desire it.
  5. AnimeHeaven.com often adds new episodes and releases to keep users up-to-date on their favorite anime.


  1. Pop-up advertising and clickbait links can be distracting and frustrating on AnimeHeaven.com.
  2. Some anime series and movies are blocked in some places due to copyright laws.
  3. The quality of AnimeHeaven.com videos depends on the source, making watching unreliable.
  4. Visiting unlicensed streaming sites like AnimeHeaven.com without precautions can lead to malware or viruses.

5. Gogoanime


Gogoanime.com is a popular anime streaming site that offers several series and movies to fans worldwide. It is a popular location for anime fans looking for new or old releases due to its extensive library and user-friendly layout.

Gogoanime.com’s user-friendly structure lets viewers rapidly find shows by genre, release year, or popularity. A search box allows users to find specific titles on the site. Gogoanime.com offers fast loading rates and high-quality video playback, offering a great viewing experience.

Gogoanime.com has a mobile-friendly version for anime enthusiasts on the go. This site lets you watch your favorite shows anywhere without sacrificing quality or accessibility.

If you’re looking for an alternative to zoro.to or a great online anime platform, Gogoanime.com is worth a look. Casual watchers will love its enormous library, intuitive design, and consistent performance. Grab some popcorn, relax, and explore Gogoanime.com’s wonderful anime world!


  • All anime content is free so that users can watch their favorites.
  • Easily find new and popular anime series and movies with an extensive library.
  • Active community and user forums for anime fans to debate and recommend.


  1. Gogoanime.com has a vast selection of anime series and movies.
  2. Users can stream anime for free on the website.
  3. Thanks to its simple UI, Users may search and find their favorite anime titles on Gogoanime.com.
  4. Users can access the latest content because the website regularly adds new episodes and releases.
  5. Gogoanime.com lets customers choose a video quality dependent on their internet connection.


  1. Gogoanime.com has many ads that can disrupt streaming.
  2. Not all Gogoanime.com anime series include English subtitles or dubbing, limiting accessibility for non-Japanese speakers.
  3. High traffic may cause server issues or slow website loading.
  4. Gogoanime.com has no mobile app, making it less convenient for smartphone and tablet anime viewers.
  5. Gogoanime.com often hosts copyrighted content, making it problematic.

6. Kissanime


Kissanime.com has entertained millions of anime fans worldwide for years. Kissanime.com is a popular site for fans of Japanese animation due to its enormous variety of series and movies. Fans turned to zoro.to when Kissanime.com closed due to recent developments.

This site lets people stream their favorite episodes and movies without login or membership. It also updates fans on new episodes and releases, informing them of anime news.

Action, romance, comedy, and more are offered on 9anime.to to satisfy anime fans’ broad preferences. The site has many servers and lets users download episodes for offline watching. Additionally, 9anime.to adds new episodes and provides a smooth viewing experience.


  • Both subtitled and dubbed versions allow you to watch anime in your preferred language.
  • Free access to every content, saving you money on anime DVDs and streaming platforms.
  • Unlimited access to a vast library of anime episodes and movies lets you discover new series.


  1. Kissanime.com has an extensive library of anime series and movies, letting users explore different genres.
  2. The website is updated with new episodes and releases to give users the freshest stuff.
  3. Kissanime.com supports many resolutions and servers for viewers with different internet speeds.
  4. Users may easily find their favorite anime titles or discover new ones online.
  5. Kissanime.com offers free anime streaming.


  1. Kissanime.com offers several pop-up adverts, which can disrupt watching.
  2. Kissanime.com may contain malware or viruses due to some advertising.
  3. Many anime on the website may violate copyright laws.
  4. Kissanime.com viewers may experience buffering or playback difficulties.

7. Animixplay


Animixplay.com may answer anime fans looking for a trustworthy streaming site. Animixplay.com has an extensive library of anime series and movies in all genres, so everyone can find something they like. Its modern design and user-friendly interface make the website easy to navigate.

Ad-free streaming distinguishes Animixplay.com from other streaming providers. Binge-watching is uninterrupted here! This website includes subtitles in multiple languages, allowing non-Japanese speakers to enjoy their favorite shows fully. Fast loading times and high-resolution playback enhance your watching experience.

Overall, Animixplay.com is a viable alternative to Zoro.to. Anime fans looking for high-quality entertainment without interruptions should visit it for its enormous library and smooth user experience. So why delay? Visit Animixplay.com today to discover the endless possibilities of anime pleasure.


  • Personal suggestions based on your viewing history to introduce you to new anime and movies.
  • No internet connection? Download episodes and movies to watch your favorite anime offline.
  • No ads, uninterrupted animation.


  1. Users can choose from many anime series and movies on Animixplay.com.
  2. The website is straightforward to use so that users can locate and stream their favorite anime.
  3. HD anime episodes are available on Animixplay.com, improving the viewing experience.
  4. The platform streams anime quickly, reducing buffering and interruptions.
  5. Users can watch their favorite anime on Animixplay.com for free.


  1. Animixplay.com advertising may interrupt streaming.
  2. Some episodes or series may not be streaming due to broken or missing links on the website.
  3. Server difficulties or downtime may temporarily disable Animixplay.com.
  4. Episodes and series cannot be downloaded, limiting offline access when the internet is down.
  5. Animixplay.com may not have popular or recent anime shows due to license restrictions.

8. Funimation


Anime fans flock to Funimation.com for its enormous Japanese animation library with English dubs. Fans may stream their favorite shows and discover new ones in high resolution with an immersive experience. Exclusive features, including behind-the-scenes footage, voice actor interviews, and live events, distinguish Funimation.com.

Fans flock to Funimation.com for its wide range of action, romance, comedy, and fantasy shows. The website welcomes new and veteran anime fans. Funimation.com also adds new episodes immediately after they premiere in Japan to keep consumers up-to-date on their favorite shows.

Funimation.com’s user-friendly layout makes navigation simple and fun. Viewers can establish watch lists to track ongoing series or anticipate upcoming releases and receive personalized suggestions from the site. Fans can debate episodes on forums and engage in Funimation-hosted virtual events on the platform, which fosters a sense of community.

For anime fans seeking a varied collection with English dubs and exclusive content, Funimation.com is a good choice.


  • An extensive anime library lets you discover new titles and genres.
  • Exclusive access to simulcast episodes lets you keep up with new releases and join anime community discussions.
  • Community tools like forums and debates let you connect with other anime fans, share suggestions, and discuss your favorite series.


  1. Funimation.com’s extensive library lets viewers explore different genres and find new stuff.
  2. The portal lets fans see the latest episodes of their favorite anime series after they premiere in Japan.
  3. Funimation.com streams anime in HD for an immersive viewing experience.
  4. The service works on smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and smart TVs so users can watch their favorite episodes anywhere.
  5. Funimation.com caters to varied audiences by offering several anime programs in English.


  1. International fans may be disappointed because Funimation.com exclusively serves North American viewers.
  2. Premium features require a paid subscription, which may not be feasible for everyone. A free account provides restricted content.

9. Animetv


Suppose you’re an anime lover looking for new ways to stream your favorite shows; check out Animetv.com. Fans can watch the latest anime and movies from all genres on this streaming service. Animetv.com provides a smooth viewing experience for fans worldwide with its slick UI, easy navigation, and HD video quality.

The extensive programming library for all viewers makes Animetv.com different from other services. There are action-packed shounen adventures and comforting slice-of-life stories for everyone. Animetv.com regularly adds new episodes and releases, so viewers never miss the latest advancements in their favorite shows.

The platform’s straightforward search tool makes finding hidden gems and popular titles easy. Animetv.com also has multiple languages and subtitles for global viewers who wish to watch their favorite series in different languages. The site also has a community area where anime lovers may debate episodes as they air or meet other anime fans. Overall, check Animetv.com immediately if you want an alternative to Zoro.to or more fascinating anime streaming options.


  • Regular library updates provide the latest and most popular anime stuff.
  • Ad-free viewing is available for uninterrupted anime viewing.
  • Premium streaming ensures a smooth, buffer-free viewing experience.


  1. Variety of anime series and movies.
  2. Watch your favorite anime anytime, anywhere, with our convenient streaming platform.
  3. Allows legal access and support of the anime industry.
  4. The user-friendly design and navigation make finding new anime titles easy.
  5. Users get the latest episodes and releases with regularly updated content.


  1. Some potential consumers are restricted by limited availability in some nations or regions.
  2. Smooth streaming requires a reliable internet connection, which may be difficult in locations with weak access.
  3. Premium features may require a subscription or purchase, limiting non-paying users to exclusive material.
  4. High website traffic may cause playback or buffering difficulties during peak hours.
  5. Without an offline option, Animetv.com viewers must be online to watch anime.

10. Heaven of Anime

Heaven of Anime


Anime Heaven.com is a prominent streaming platform with many anime programs and movies. Its vast library, user-friendly interface, and high-quality content have made it famous among anime fans. With the development of anime streaming platforms, Anime Heaven.com has become a popular alternative to Zoro.tv.

One of the main reasons Anime Heaven.com is popular is its large selection of anime titles across genres and topics. The platform accommodates various tastes, from Naruto and Dragon Ball to Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan. Anime Heaven.com offers subtitled and dubbed versions with high-quality video, letting viewers worldwide watch their favorite series in their choice language.

Its easy-to-use design and extensive content library set Anime Heaven.com apart from competitors. Users may rapidly browse categories, search for titles, and get recommendations based on their interests using the website’s easy layout. The platform also refreshes episodes shortly after they premiere in Japan. This site lets fans keep up with the latest releases without missing a single episode of their favorite shows. AnimeHeaven.com is an exciting alternative to Zoro.tv because of its extensive anime repertoire, user-friendly interface, and frequent updates.


  • Access an extensive library of anime episodes and movies to discover new series and genres.
  • You can make personalized playlists and bookmark your favorite anime episodes and movies to watch anytime, making viewing easy and fun.
  • Watch anime with subtitles or dubbing in many languages for a varied audience.


  1. Anime Heaven.com has many anime series and movies.
  2. Users may search and stream their favorite anime on the internet.
  3. To provide fans with the freshest stuff, Anime Heaven.com regularly adds new episodes and releases.
  4. The service offers multiple streaming options, letting customers choose the quality and server that best suits their internet connection.
  5. Anime Heaven.com offers free access to all its content without subscriptions or restrictions.


  1. Anime Heaven.com’s pop-up adverts can interrupt watching.
  2. Copyright infringement and legal complications arise since Anime Heaven.com is not licensed to stream anime.
  3. Anime Heaven.com has several streaming servers, but some anime series and movies may not be available in HD.

11. Animepisode


Anime fans wanting high-quality streaming use Animepisode.com. It has a vast library of action, romance, comedy, and other anime episodes, making it a great Zoro.tv option. Animepisode.com’s user-friendly layout and well-organized library make finding and watching beloved shows easy.

Fast-loading servers and little ads distinguish Animepisode.com. Unlike many others, this anime streaming site doesn’t have pop-ups or buffering. Animepisode.com now offers 480p to 1080p streaming for people with varying internet connections or devices.

Animepisode.com’s commitment to offering new episodes of ongoing series makes it appealing. Fans can now count on Animepisode.com to release their favorite shows on schedule. It shows the website’s dedication to satisfying anime lovers who desire easy access to all their favorite shows.

In conclusion, Animepisode.com is an excellent alternative to Zoro.tv due to its extensive anime library, user-friendly interface, quick servers, few ads, and real-time updates. It delivers a smooth viewing experience and keeps up with the growing world of online anime content development and distribution.


  • An extensive anime episode library lets fans watch their favorites anytime, anyplace.
  • Personal suggestions based on watching history and preferences help users find new anime.
  • Multiple device compatibility lets consumers watch anime on their smartphone, tablet, or computer.


  1. Use AnimeEpisode.com to browse a variety of anime episodes from different genres.
  2. A simple layout makes navigating and searching anime episodes online accessible.
  3. AnimeEpisode.com often updates and releases new episodes so users can watch them immediately.
  4. The service offers subtitled and dubbed anime episodes for different language preferences.
  5. AnimeEpisode.com streams anime episodes for free, without subscriptions or downloads.


  1. Free streaming website AnimeEpisode.com may have advertising that impairs the viewing experience.
  2. Some anime episodes have lesser resolution or slower loading times on the internet.
  3. AnimeEpisode.com uses external video players, which may cause playback or device compatibility difficulties.
  4. Lack of official permission raises copyright infringement and legal risks on the site.
  5. AnimeEpisode.com may not have any famous or newly released anime owing to licensing limitations.

12. AnimeDao


AnimeDao.com is a popular place for anime enthusiasts worldwide because of its extensive library of classic and modern titles. This platform is one of the best Zoro.tv alternatives, offering seamless viewing without a membership. AnimeDao.com’s user-friendly layout makes it easy to browse categories and find shows. The site has many servers to ensure uninterrupted streaming during peak hours. AnimeDao.com also adds new episodes as soon as they air in Japan, making it easy for fans to stay current.

With low buffering, AnimeDao.com lets fans watch their favorite anime in high HD. The website offers English subtitles for non-Japanese speakers to reach more people. AnimeDao.com encourages user involvement and helps others find hidden treasures in anime by collecting series reviews and ratings.

Overall, AnimeDao.com provides what every anime fan wants: a vast selection without sacrificing quality or speed. This platform aims to be the ultimate destination for action-packed adventures and comforting slice-of-life stories.


  • Access to many anime series and movies lets consumers discover new and popular titles.
  • Available subtitled and dubbed anime for different viewers.
  • The ability to download anime episodes for offline watching gives users flexibility.


  1. Users can browse AnimeDao.com’s enormous anime series and movie collection.
  2. The website is easy to use, making it quick to find and stream anime.
  3. High-quality video streaming with low buffering is available on AnimeDao.com.
  4. The site offers free anime without subscriptions.
  5. AnimeDao.com maintains its library with new episodes and releases to keep users aware of new anime.


  1. AnimeDao.com may occasionally display ads that disturb viewing or create discomfort.
  2. The website hosts videos on external servers, which can cause broken links or unavailable episodes.
  3. Due to copyright difficulties, AnimeDao.com may not offer some popular anime series, limiting user selection.
  4. Some users have had trouble viewing or playing videos on AnimeDao.com due to device or browser compatibility concerns.
  5. Not all anime series have official subtitles or translations on AnimeDao.com.

13. AnimePlanet


AnimePlanet.com is a dynamic website for anime fans worldwide. AnimePlanet.com is a fan favorite for its many features and resources. The site has something for everyone, from its vast library of thousands of anime and manga titles to its lively discussion boards where users may meet like-minded people.

Its suggestion method makes AnimePlanet.com stand out. Based on watching patterns and preferences, the portal recommends anime series using complex algorithms and user-generated data. This site helps fans find undiscovered gems in their genre and explore uncharted anime landscapes.

More than an encyclopedia and recommendation engine, AnimePlanet.com lets users shape the platform. Members can create lists of their favorite shows or provide thorough reviews to enrich the community. As a leading streaming platform, AnimePlanet.com is one of the most significant alternatives to zoro.tv for anime fans due to its interactive nature and extensive feature set.


  • com lets you conveniently monitor the series you’ve watched and want to watch. Stay organized, and never miss your favorite show with this.
  • com lets you browse a vast anime collection to find exciting new series that match your tastes.
  • com connects anime fans. Join debates, share suggestions, and meet anime-loving friends.


  1. AnimePlanet.com has an extensive library of anime series and movies, giving users many alternatives.
  2. Each anime has ratings, reviews, and community suggestions on the website.
  3. Personal lists help users track their anime-watching progress and find new shows.
  4. Users can connect with other anime fans in forums and debates, building community.
  5. Free streaming with limited commercials is available on AnimePlanet.com.


  1. Users have reported periodic website issues that may disrupt their experience.
  2. The search function on AnimePlanet.com isn’t always precise or efficient, making title searches difficult.
  3. The streaming service is free, although some popular anime programs may be unavailable owing to regional licensing constraints.
  4. Users who prefer more straightforward layouts may find the website’s UI overpowering.
  5. Because AnimePlanet.com relies mainly on user-generated material, reviews and suggestions may differ significantly.

14. AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak.com is a popular streaming network for anime fans with an extensive archive. AnimeFreak.com lets anime fans view their favorite shows anytime with its user-friendly layout and comprehensive collection. The website offers subtitled and dubbed versions of popular animes so viewers can choose their language.

A commitment to update its archive with new episodes and releases distinguishes AnimeFreak.com from Zoro.tv. This dedication lets viewers follow ongoing episodes without interruption. The site offers action-packed shounen series like Naruto to suit varied preferences and charming slice-of-life animations like K-On! This variety assures AnimeFreak.com has something for everyone.

Zoro.tv is a popular anime streaming site; however, AnimeFreak.com can give unique perspectives and experiences. Each streaming provider curates its library based on license agreements and availability, so checking out several websites may reveal hidden treasures or lesser-known titles. Why not explore the intriguing world of anime on AnimeFreak.com?


  • Quality streaming lets fans watch their favorite anime without buffering or lag.
  • A customizable watchlist and suggestion system lets viewers customize their anime viewing experience and discover new series.
  • Users can download episodes to watch their favorite anime offline.


  1. Users can discover various anime series and movies on AnimeFreak.com.
  2. The website offers anime without a subscription or fee.
  3. AnimeFreak.com regularly adds new episodes and releases to keep users up-to-date on their favorite anime.
  4. Users can tailor their watching experience based on their internet connection with numerous streaming and video quality settings.
  5. Users can easily navigate and find the anime they want on AnimeFreak.com thanks to its simple UI and search tool.


  1. AnimeFreak.com relies on third-party video hosting services for streaming content, which may cause video quality issues or broken links.
  2. Many ads on the website can be distracting.
  3. Some users may find AnimeFreak.com’s design complicated compared to other anime streaming platforms.
  4. No official mobile app for AnimeFreak.com makes it less easy for smartphone and tablet anime viewers.


Finally, anime fans have many options for streaming sites like Zoro.to. All these sites offer free and premium subscriptions to a huge library of popular and niche anime. You can watch your favorite anime without hassle with these alternatives. So browse these sites to find the one you like best.

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