10 Games Like Dauntless


Dauntless is an exciting game where brave Slayers fight massive monsters to save humanity. Many players love the game. Get ready for more thrilling adventures and cooperative gameplay! Many other games offer similar excitement and let you team up with friends to fight powerful enemies. We’ve selected five top-notch action, teamwork, and epic battle games like Dauntless.

In “Dauntless,” players become Slayers who hunt and defeat Behemoths, giant monsters threatening the world. Players work together or alone to find these Behemoths and fight them. Players can fight these powerful enemies with different weapon types, playstyles, and abilities.

The game encourages players to work together to defeat Behemoths. A crafting system lets players use resources from defeated Behemoths to create and upgrade gear, improving their abilities and preparing them for more challenging battles.

Why are People Searching for Games Like Dauntless?

People may search for Dauntless-like games for various reasons:

  • Similar Gameplay Style: Fans of Dauntless’ cooperative monster hunting may enjoy other games with a similar style.
  • Variety and Exploration: Some players like to try different games in a genre to find new challenges while sticking to a theme.
  • Dauntless has a healthy online multiplayer community. People looking for similar games may want to join new communities.
  • Diversifying Gaming Experience: Gamers like to try similar games to their favorites. This can spice up gaming.
  • Seeking Better Graphics or Mechanics: Some players like Dauntless want games with better graphics, mechanics, or features.
  • Game Availability: Players may search for alternatives to Dauntless on their preferred platforms.
  • Storyline and Lore: Dauntless fans may seek out games with similar narrative depth.

Here are the Best Similar Games To Dauntless to play in 2023

People have started to find similar games since a few decades ago as they want to experience the same taste as any other games. In the 20s, people were really into OSRS and World of Warcraft; however, the trend has changed frequently, and now thousands of games are in the market with the release of Unity and more powerful gaming engines that may let you create games within no time. Therefore, people are out to find Similar Games to Dauntless, released in 2023.

1. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III

The fifth spot goes to Dark Souls III, a thrilling action RPG for Dauntless fans. The game has a dark, atmospheric setting with terrifying monsters and challenges. Battles are intense and require strategic skill to win.

The combat system is known for its complexity, requiring strategic thinking, precise timing, and mastery of many weapons and spells. To defeat each enemy, you must learn their strengths and weaknesses. No worries—beating these monsters will boost your character.

A captivating story is hidden in the game’s intricately designed world. Exploring reveals game lore, increasing excitement. Additionally, you can play cooperatively with friends or fight them in thrilling battles. Thus, Dark Souls III stands out among Dauntless-like games with its uncompromising difficulty, rich lore, and immersive world.


  • The dark, atmospheric setting.
  • Strategies and skills needed for intense combat.
  • Master various weapons and spells.
  • Interesting legends.
  • Competitive and cooperative multiplayer.


  • Skill- and strategy-based challenges.
  • Rich lore and an immersive world.
  • Different guns and playstyles for gameplay.
  • Multiplayer games improve gameplay.


  • High learning curves may deter casual gamers.
  • Some players may find it challenging.

Price: Depending on platform and edition, fees range from $15 to $60.

2. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

Our fourth game is Horizon Zero Dawn, an action-adventure game set in a robotic world. As Aloy, a skilled hunter, you navigate a post-apocalyptic world overrun by robot dinosaurs and other monsters.

The mission is to discover these creatures and Aloy’s mysterious past. Strategic and precise combat in Horizon Zero Dawn requires knowledge of the mechanical beast’s weaknesses. Use Aloy’s weapons and traps to defeat them. Victory over formidable opponents is satisfying.

The vast and beautiful open world invites exploration and secret revelation. Day-night transitions and weather conditions enhance the immersive experience. Thus, this game is an excellent choice for fans of Dauntless, offering a thrilling monster-hunting adventure with its mix of action, exploration, and narrative.


  • Robotic creatures explore open spaces.
  • Strategized combat.
  • The story and character development are compelling.
  • Day-night cycle and weather effects.


  • Beautiful graphics and an open world.
  • A rare mix of action, exploration, and story.
  • Tactical combat that exploits enemy weaknesses.


  • Limited PC optimization at release.
  • Some players may find specific missions repetitive.

Price: Depending on platform and edition, fees range from $20 to $60.

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3. Toukiden 2

Toukiden 2

Toukiden 2, a fun action RPG set in an Oni world, is third on our list. Players play Slayers, skilled warriors tasked with protecting humanity from these dangerous monsters. The game takes place in a vast, open world with stunning scenery. Its innovative combat system features swift dual blades and powerful greatswords for thrilling Oni battles.

Demon Hand feature allows environmental interaction, special attacks, and strategic Oni weakening. The game is more fun when played online with friends, encouraging teamwork to defeat powerful Oni.

As you play, you encounter challenging Oni with different strengths and weaknesses. You need intelligent strategies, weapon skills, and ally cooperation to win.


  • Vast open world with lovely scenery.
  • Excellent combat system with many weapons.
  • Demon Hand strategic gameplay feature.


  • Online cooperative play with friends to fight monsters.
  • An attractive, vast, open world to explore.
  • Gameplay innovations like the Demon Hand.
  • Cooperative play improves gaming.


  • Various challenging monsters to engage with.
  • Game graphics may be inferior to others.
  • All players may not like the story.

Price: Depending on platform and edition, fees range from $20 to $50.

4. God Eater 3

God Eater 3

The second place is God Eater 3, an action-packed RPG set in an Aragami-ravaged world. The game lets players team up for thrilling hunts, like Dauntless. In God Eater 3, players become God Eaters, mighty warriors with God Arcs that can switch between melee and ranged modes. This dynamic versatility allows strategic and dynamic monster battles.

Players work together to defeat the dangerous Aragami in cooperative hunting missions. Each monster has unique attacks and vulnerabilities, requiring teamwork and expertise to win.

Combat in this game is fast and exciting, with impressive maneuvers and customizable characters and weapons. God Eater 3, with its compelling story and stunning graphics, is a must-play for Dauntless fans looking for adrenaline-pumping hunts and epic battles.


  • Post-apocalyptic monster world (Aragami).
  • Transformational weapons for dynamic combat.
  • Multiplayer cooperative hunting missions.
  • Weapon and character customization.


  • Action-packed combat with multiple weapon styles.
  • Fun and depth come from cooperative gameplay.
  • Personalizing gameplay through customization.


  • Some may find the story less engaging than other RPGs.
  • Graphics may not be innovative.

Price: Depending on platform and edition, fees range from $20 to $60.

5. Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World, a Capcom action role-playing game that has captivated gamers, tops our list. This game requires careful planning and observation for every encounter. Mastering multiple weapons is essential for brutal hunts. Monsters interact with each other and the environment, creating a vibrant ecosystem. Hunting success depends on tracking and studying these creatures.

Players can also choose from a variety of weapons with unique abilities. There are weapons for everyone, from swift blades to powerful swords to ranged arrow strikes. Like Dauntless, the game emphasizes teamwork.

Fighting massive monsters online requires teamwork with friends. Victory requires coordination, and as you defeat monsters and gather resources, you craft better gear and become a more muscular hunter. Progress brings satisfaction and empowerment, making the game more appealing.


  • It is a lively ecosystem with diverse monsters.
  • There are many weapons and gear to choose from.
  • Monster-hunting cooperative multiplayer.
  • Regular updates and events keep the game fresh.


  • Exciting strategy and skill-based gameplay.
  • A well-designed, dynamic world with diverse ecosystems.
  • Focus on cooperative play and teamwork.
  • Regular updates and events boost replay value.


  • Newcomers may face a steep learning curve.
  • Requires significant time investment for full enjoyment.


  • Prices range from $20 to $60, depending on platform and edition.
  • Platforms (PS4, Xbox, PC) and promotions or discounts can affect prices. Check the platform’s store for the latest prices and deals.

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6. Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2

Sega’s free-to-play online role-playing game Phantasy Star Online 2 is captivating. This fantastic successor to Phantasy Star Online takes place in an intriguing and technologically advanced setting.

In this action-adventure game, players team up to explore several worlds, fight fiercely, and discover the universe’s mysteries.


  • There are many classes and races with different skills.
  • The loot system includes weapons, armor, and accessories to collect and upgrade.
  • Entertaining story with many quests and arcs.
  • Multiplatform Gameplay.


  • Fast-paced combat with many weapons and abilities.
  • There are many character and class options for different playstyles.
  • Discover new planets with unique environments and challenges.
  • Multiplayer quests and alliances for cooperative play.


  • Initial release language localization issues.
  • Complex gameplay mechanics can overwhelm newcomers.

Price: Free with cosmetics, convenience items, and more in-game purchases.

7. Evolve Stage 2

Evolve Stage 2

Welcome to Evolve Stage 2 – a free-to-play asymmetrical multiplayer first-person shooter. This adrenaline-fueled team battle was developed by Turtle Rock Studios and released by 2K Games.

Hunters and monsters battle in dangerous environments, exhibiting the excitement of hunting in stunning vistas.


  • Players can play as monsters or hunters with different abilities and playstyles.
  • Hunters track, trap, and defeat monsters while they evolve and grow stronger.
  • Diverse landscapes and wildlife affect gameplay tactics.


  • Asymmetrical gameplay gives hunters and monsters different experiences.
  • The hunter team needs teamwork and communication to succeed.
  • Many characters with different abilities and roles for varied gameplay.
  • Monsters evolve and strengthen during matches.


  • Since its release, the player base has declined significantly.
  • Balancing hunters and monsters was brutal.

Price: Free with cosmetic and content purchases in-game.

8. Dragon’s Dogma Online

Dragon's Dogma Online

Capcom’s free-to-play action-packed multiplayer online role-playing game, Dragon’s Dogma Online, takes you on an epic journey.

This Dragon’s Dogma sequel offers a large open world full of adventure and warfare: the intriguing narrative and fascinating gameplay transport players to a world of mythical creatures and mysteries.


  • Choose from courses with various skills and abilities.
  • Players can find AI-controlled allies to fight with.
  • Battle powerful monsters in epic battles that require strategy.


  • Explore a vast, beautiful world with diverse landscapes and creatures.
  • Tactics and strategy dominate real-time combat in dynamic combat.
  • Fight difficult enemies in cooperative quests with friends and other players.
  • Different classes with different abilities for diverse gameplay.


  • Non-Japanese players had limited language support in the game’s initial release.
  • Capcom shut down game servers in late 2019.

Price: Free with cosmetics, convenience items, and more in-game purchases.

9. Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

Enter the fantastic world of Monster Hunter Rise, an exciting action RPG from Capcom. Play a skillful hunter in a dangerous and exciting world.

A stunning open environment with massive monsters awaits you in the game. This graphically attractive and action-packed game captures the genuine essence of hunting as you undertake risky expeditions and refine your abilities.


  • One place for players to meet and complete quests.
  • A variety of monsters with different traits and abilities.
  • Thorough crafting system for weapons, armor, and items from hunted materials.


  • Hunt massive monsters with a variety of weapons and tactics.
  • The new Wirebug mechanic improves mobility and combat versatility.
  • Ride and fight with these canines, which provide transportation and combat support.
  • Hunt epic battles with friends.


  • Some Nintendo Switch players had performance issues on older hardware.


  • Depending on the platform, the base game costs $30 to $60.
  • Separately priced content may be available.

10. Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games brilliantly develops a dark, gritty, free-to-play action role-playing game, Path of Exile. Explore a dangerous world where only the strong survive.

The game captivates with its ominous atmosphere, sophisticated gameplay, and massive skill tree for personalization. Prepare to face a dangerous world where strategic prowess and might are essential to victory.


  • Unique skill tree starting points for each class.
  • Challenge leagues with unique rules and mechanics are introduced regularly.
  • Extensive loot system with many items, equipment, and gems.


  • An extensive skill tree allows complex character customization and diverse playstyles.
  • New content keeps long-time players engaged.
  • Item customization and crafting promote progression and power.
  • Balances solo and cooperative multiplayer.


  • The extensive skill tree and complex game mechanics can overwhelm new players.
  • Some players find the game’s microtransactions expensive.

Price: Free with in-game cosmetic, storage, and convenience purchases.


If you like Dauntless and want more games like it, there are many options. These games will satisfy your monster-slaying cravings, whether you want more intense combat or new worlds full of dangerous creatures.